As We Walk and Wander - Foreword

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As We Walk and Wander

It’s All in the Way You Travel


“I know that I must walk by faith because if I walked by sight,
I would surely turn and run.” –JoJo
walking down railroad track



Upon entering this world a little less than two decades ago, I admit that I didn’t know much right out of the gate. Although I don’t like to say it out loud, there are still many things that I haven’t figured out, just the same as many of my young-adult peers. Learning to navigate through this life can be tricky and, oftentimes, exceedingly overwhelming. That said, there is one thing that I do pride myself on having learned at a very young age. This piece of knowledge that I’m talking about is a crucial piece of life’s puzzle; and if you’d allow me, I’d be more than happy to bestow my wisdom upon you. You may want to take a seat, because I’m potentially about to blow your mind. You ready? Here it is. One of the most important things to know in life, one of the biggest things it’s about----perspective. Life is all about perspective. Ever struggled to make the right decision? Ever been overwhelmed with how many choices you had? What about when a certain situation feels too big to handle---a burden too heavy for your weakening shoulders to bear? Get a new perspective. Trust me, it can turn everything around.


The real problem is, getting a new perspective is usually easier said than done. When we’re so deep in a state of confusion and being overwhelmed, it can be hard to make ourselves step back and look at things in a new way. Which is why JoJo decided to team up with Taylor (me), a daughter of one of her dearest friends, to collaborate and create “As We Walk and Wander.” What’s our mission? It’s simple. We hope to help others learn to create their own new perspectives by looking at life through the eyes of one woman still looking forward to most things and another woman who’s looking back on many (and still forward to some, of course.) We hope to enlighten you, to inspire you, and to learn new lessons ourselves on this journey. Lord willing, we may just happen to uncover some magic.


“You don’t believe what you see, you see what you have decided to believe”

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