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Little Unknown Facts About JoJoSox



The fashion industry in regards to socks has grown exponentially in recent years, becoming a large part of fashion and allowing for new companies to begin and thrive in the apparel world.

With so many sock companies in the fashion industry today, however, standing out amongst the crowd is key to being successful. In order to stand out from the competition, having details which make you unique is essential.

At JoJoSox, we provide some of the most unique and exciting women's and children's socks available on the market today, and all are made from fully recycled materials, making them the cleanest and greenest socks you can put on your feet.

COOLMAX EcoTech Fibers

Technology and materials are what sets companies apart with their products today, and we have this department taken care of with our one of a kind sock production. Utilizing the patented COOLMAX EcoTech Fibers, we make some of the most earth-friendly socks around.

This one of a kind process begins with the collection of plastic bottles and are cleaned thoroughly and then ground into fine flakes. These ground flakes are then converted into chips which are then made into a fiber which can be used to make sock materials. This fiber is then finely spun into a top of the line, high-quality polyester yarn and meets the INVISTA product innovation standards to qualify for the COOLMAX fabric branding and hangtags.

Offering a wide range of sock options to choose from, you can pick up our one of a kind, incredibly comfortable, COOLMAX EcoTech Fiber technology socks a variety of fun and exciting designs. From ankle socks, classic 6" crew socks, to our one of a kind 4" socks designed specifically for shorter boots, you can't go wrong with a pair of JoJoSox with COOLMAX technology.


For those looking for an option for their taller boots during the colder months of the year, our Bamboo Sox are the ideal product. Made from sustainable, organic Bamboo pulp, these socks are far softer and more comfortable than traditional cotton socks. While they are thin, they are incredibly durable, as well as antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Complete with reinforced toe and heel fabric, these socks are ideal for any time of the year as they are guaranteed to keep your feet dry and odor-free. Available in a wide range of different colors and designs, these socks are perfect for anyone wearing knee-high boots or wanting to show a little personality with their outfit.

From a function and design point, you can't go wrong with JoJoSox and our versatile selection of socks.

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