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Black Is the New Black


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Orange may be the new black in pop culture these days, but in the fashion world, black will never be replaced. No matter what you pair it with, be it black on black, black on camo, black on any color you can possibly think of, black is the fashion statement which has and will continue to stand the test of time.

So if you are wondering how you can expand your black wardrobe and take your outfits to the next level, here are a few suggestions on what to wear and why this is the ultimate color in fashion.

The Little Black Dress

Let's face it, the little black dress will truly never go out of style. Whether you are wearing it in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, this fantastic dress can be worn with a variety of different outfit combinations to create the look you have been dreaming about.

  • Night Out: The classic look for the night out on the town, the little black dress works fantastically with a pair of heels for going out to dinner a night on the town. Pair it with some flashy gold jewelry and a small black back and you have yourself a perfect look.
  • Fall Accessories: When the cooler weather hits, many women steer clear of the dresses and try and stay a little warmer. You can still make this article of clothing work perfectly, however, and you can rock it all fall long. Simply match the dress with a pair of black leggings, black boots, a black scarf, and either a black leather jacket or something with a little color in it and you have an outstanding outfit guaranteed to get attention anywhere.

Black Is Actually Good For You

A 2015 study done by The Independent actually proved wearing black clothing can have a major effect on your confidence and make your feel more attractive and intelligent as well. With all those positive aspects, why wouldn't you wear it as often as you possibly could?

A black on black look is the perfect way to project confidence and attractiveness while simply creating an outstanding fashion statement.

Other Ways to Wear Black

During the Fall and Winter months, layering is your best friend when selecting your outfit for each day. With black, you can layer a variety of different articles of clothing, all being black, and still make a statement. Consider rocking your black jeans, black t shirt, and a black leather jacket to create an outstanding fall look that doesn’t even need to match perfectly to work.

Black can also be a fantastic color to work into your professional attire, as the all-black two piece suit makes a bold statement in a cropped version.

How do you wear black throughout the year? Let us know in the comments!

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