Ultimate Fashion Guide for Your Jeans

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They are arguably your favorite pair of pants, maybe your all-time favorite article of clothing. Your jeans are typically the go-to item in your closet, but may also be the one thing you don't get to wear enough of, whether that is due to your job or some other reason.

Your jeans no longer have to be your dress-down attire. Dressing up your jeans doesn't have to be as difficult as it may sound, and you may already have the complementing items in the your closet now. If you are looking for some style tips to class-up your jean-look, here are a few ideas.

Tucking in Your Shirt

When it comes to wearing jeans, tucking in a shirt is typically one of the last style ideas you jump for when dressing yourself. If you are looking to add a little elegance to your look, however, tucking in your shirt is a great place to start.

If you are wearing dark jeans, rocking a sleek and slimming, black button-up shirt is a great way to create a beautiful silhouette. Complete the look with a pair of black pumps and you have an elegant and comfortable outfit.woman in jeans and polka dot blazer

For the classy look with a lighter colored pair of jeans, try going for a classic white button down shirt tucked in with a slim black blazer over your shirt. By adding some color with a bright red pair of pumps on your feet, you can keep it classy and elegant with your jeans no problem.


While your blazer is an outstanding go-to coat selection to adding some class to your jeans, sometimes it doesn't fit the occasion or isn't a warm enough option. When looking for a coat to wear with your denim, a longer trench coat is a great option. With some nice layering over a solid colored blouse or sweater, you can easily dress up your jeans with a long coat.


Sweaters may seem like a more relaxed top to be pairing with your jeans, but with the right sweater, shoes, and accessories, you can bring elegance to your jeans for a night on the town.

As far as picking out the right sweater is concerned, raiding the fur area of your closet is the perfect place to start for completing your ensemble. Rocking your favorite pair of jeans with either a fur sweater or even a fur sweater vests looks elegant and classy when worn with a black pair of heels to take your jeans to the next level.

How do you dress up your jeans? Follow these simple tips to take your favorite pair of denim to the next level.

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