How To Make Your Wardrobe Look More Expensive

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As a fashion guru, you more than likely want your wardrobe to look as high end as possible, showing off your impeccable taste and style. Unfortunately, many of us can't afford those brand new Prada shoes that match your favorite little black dress or that limited edition Burberry coat for the winter.

When you have designer boutique taste but are on a mall department store budget, there are still plenty of ways to class up your wardrobe and take your fashion sense to the next level. Today we will show you a few tips and tricks to making your wardrobe look expensive even when it isn't.

Find a Tailor

If you are buying off the rack, chances are your clothes won't be made and perfectly fitted to your body shape. One of the best ways to make your clothes look a little more high-end than they actually are is by having them tailored and fitting your body. Form-fitting clothes will always be far more flattering and make your clothes look like they have a higher price tag.


The accessories you choose can either make or break your outfit, no matter how much it may have cost you at the store. When trying to elevate the perceived cost of your wardrobe, selecting the proper accessories is even more important. If you are trying to create a more high-end look, gold accessories are one of the best options you have available.

Whether it is in the form of a necklace, rings, bracelets, or the purse or handbag you are carrying around for the day, a little bit of flashy gold can automatically add a little luxury to your look for the day.

woman in all black outfitMonochrome

While it can be slightly intimidating at first, a monochromatic look from head to toe is a simple way to create instant class and elegance. While you could go for color, opting for traditional all-white or all-black is typically your best bet for creating the right look.

There are still rules to this style, as your whites need to be bright and clean, and your blacks should be the same shade from head to toe. Without these elements, you look will look a little cheap. Don't be afraid to texturize with different materials as long as the shades don't stray from one another.






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