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How To Pull Off Vintage Style

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Photo Credit: Maegan Tintari

The world of modern fashion is a constantly changing one, always rolling out brand new styles and designs for you to try out and introduce to your wardrobe. What if you aren't a fan of the new fashions, though, and don't want to change from the classic looks both during and before you time?

If you are an old soul at heart, you can sleep easy in the fact that vintage style will always be in style. For those looking to take their vintage style to the next level, we have a few tips and tricks to pulling it off with ease.


No matter what design theme you are going for with your look on any given day, balance is the most important key to focus on. When you are putting together a vintage outfit, it is important to make sure you don't rock a vintage look from head to toe. 

One easy way to bring some balance and a more modern touch to your outfit is by staying current with your hairstyle and makeup. You don't have to go all-1950's with the housewife haircut. Keep things edgy with a more contemporary look for both your hair and your makeup. Just be sure it still makes sense with the kind of outfit you are wearing that day.

Accessoriesretro dress

The accessories you choose can either make or break your entire outfit, and this couldn't be more important than when putting together a vintage outfit that works in the modern world of fashion.

As balance is the key with making the vintage outfit work properly, this is one of the best areas to modernize your look a little bit and bring the necessary balance needed to pull it off. New age earring and even a watch are excellent ways to catch the eye to something different about your throwback look. When picking out your purse or handbag for the day, go for a modern design in a solid color rather than a retro design.

Give Vintage New Life

If you do have a larger portion of your look centered around a vintage style, giving it new life and bringing it into the 21st century is the perfect way to offset the potential overkill with the retro piece. Are you wearing a vintage knee-length dress from the 1950's you found at a thrift shop or was handed down to you? Give it some modern excitement with a belt around your stomach to give it a tailored fit without taking away from its chicness.

Layering under and over a vintage piece such as an older dress is another excellent way to bring your dress to life. From leggings to your favorite cardigan, you can modernize any classic piece with the right layering.

How do you wear vintage items? Let us know in the comments!

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