What Coco Chanel Did For Fashion

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Easily the most famous name in women's fashion, and arguably fashion altogether, Coco Chanel brought ladies style into the modern era with her one of a kind designs and ideas. During the 1900's, Coco revolutionized the way women's outfits looked and what was suitable to wear out and about. A fashion icon, there are a number of things in the style world that we would not have if not for Chanel's visionary designs. Today, we will teach you about just a few of the incredibly innovations and trends started by Chanel that you may take for granted every day.


Possibly her biggest contribution to modern's women's fashion, making pants acceptable and stylish is one of the first things we can thank Chanel for today. From wanting something more comfortable to ride a horse in, to being more modest instead of wearing a bathing suit, there are a number of stories linking to how Coco began wearing pants. All we know is, they caught on in the fashion world and have become far more common today than any dress or skirt in our closet, and for that, we thank you, Ms. Chanel.

Comfortable Material

Until Chanel began making clothing, the only material used for women's wardrobe's was long, heavy, and weighed them down a lot. These corset gowns were incredibly uncomfortable, inspiring Coco to begin making women's dresses out of jersey, a more comfortable material that was once only reserved for use in making men's underwear. With such a simple and comfortable material, Chanel made more exciting dresses in bulk as she was able to buy up a lot of the material during World War I as it was cheaper than the normal materials being used.

coco chanel with pearls and a cigaretteLittle Black Dress

Arguably the most popular article of clothing in any women's wardrobe, the little black dress has transcended fashion itself and has become a famous phrase in its own right. We have Ms. Coco Chanel to thank for this magnificent creation. Formerly only reserved for wearing to funerals, Chanel broke the rules in 1926 when a sketch of her appeared in Vogue wearing a simple black dress as she stated that the world would wear it. She was correct.

Costume Jewelry

For years, if you could not afford the real deal, wearing jewelry wasn't really an option you could afford. Fortunately, Chanel came along and began to popularize costume jewelry with here simplistic outfits. Large, fake pears specifically, were the popular trend she latched onto, and the world took notice. By combining these pears with other gems, she created simple elegance and class without having to spend a fortune. Jewelry can make or break an outfit and Chanel knew how to make it.

These are just a few of the many fashion trends we have to thank Coco Chanel for today, as she helped redefine what women's fashion meant.

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