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One of the growing trends in women's fashion in the 21st century has been the emergence of more and more unique hats. Whether you are wearing a hat on a special occasion such as attending the Kentucky Derby, where detailed hats are commonplace, or you are simply picking out the right hat to complete your day outfit, there are plenty of style rules to follow. From the kinds of hats you should own and stay away from, to when and where you should wear certain styles, today we will teach you the guide to both hat etiquette and fashion.

Hats You Should Own

One of the first steps to successfully incorporating hats into your wardrobe on a regular basis is finding the right ones to own and what will work best for your wardrobe and your style. If you intend to wear hats on a regular basis, there are a few styles you should always have somewhere in your closet as they can go with a wide array of different outfits:

  • Beanies
  • Wide Brimmed Hats & Fedoras
  • Baseball Caps

Each one of these styles has their place with your wardrobe and you can make them very versatile as long as you adhere to these fashion rules.


Beanies are an outstanding go-to hat to own, but it is important to know which styles will best go with your outfit. Are you wearing your favorite skinny jeans? Make sure to invest in a loose at the top beanie that droops to the back of your head. A tight beanie with an already tight outfit will simply look out of place.

it is also important to note that beanies only work when they are being worn with a more laid back, casual outfit. If you are wearing your nicer clothes to the office that day, stay far away from the knit hat and go for something slightly more elegant and classy.

Wide-Brimmed Hats & Fedoras

When most people think of large, wide-brimmed hats, images of Kentucky Derby hats full of feathers and flowers may come to mind at first. You can get far more simplistic with a wide-brim hat, however, and make it elegant and everyday-friendly with the right shape, size, and color.

Are you wearing your favorite colored suit to work for the day? Pair it with a matching fedora that features a wide brim instead of the traditional cut.

Maybe today is the day for your favorite all-black outfit. A black or dark brown wide brim fedora is a great way to finish off the look.

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Baseball Caps

The most common hat worn around the world, baseball hats can work perfectly for a women's outfit as long as it is a casual style on that particular day. Investing in a blank, black leather baseball cap is an excellent addition to any wardrobe to take it to the next level and add some edginess. If you are looking for really laid back and casual, a backward snapback with an outfit that features denim will always work.

How do you wear hats? Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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