Guide to Leather Fashion

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woman in black leather pants and red heels

Fashion is a constantly evolving beast. The trends that are popular today, won't last very long, and old trends become recycled and reused again. This cycle is what makes the fashion world so exciting and creates amazing styles and designs we can all enjoy. There are certain styles, however, that seem to stick around and last for years and years. One of these specific styles is wearing leather. Whether it is a leather jacket or pair of pants, this material is one of a kind and creates a unique look. If you have been wondering how you can best wear leather, we have a few helpful tips and tricks to follow.

Leather Pants Style

One of the most interesting fashion styles with leather is the art of wearing leather pants. If you find the perfect pair out there, it can quickly become your go-to article of clothing as you can wear them for just about any occasion and make them work.

As with many outfits, shoes are one of the most important factors to an outfit with leather pants, and different shoes will all create entirely different looks and statements. A pointed pair of heels should always be one of your choices with a pair of leather pants as they add a little class and elegance to the style. Pair it with a white button-down shirt and a tailored blazer, and you have an outfit that is perfect for a day at the office.

Your leather pants can also work perfectly during the winter on a cold day. Your classic longer peacoat or trench coat is an excellent addition to the style of leather when paired with your favorite pair of mid-ankle boots. An elegant fur coat is another look that is timeless with a pair of great black leather pants.

Leather Jacket Style

girl in black leather jacket against wood wall

Perhaps no article of clothing is as timeless or well-known than the leather jacket. Fortunately, you don't have to be the Fonz or on the back of a motorcycle to enjoy the luxury of this fantastic jacket. One of the first keys to successfully wearing a leather jacket is making sure to layer it. On your way to the office? A button down shirt under a slimming sweater looks great with a leather jacket. Match the sweater color to the color of the jacket for an added statement.

Do you have a favorite pair of leather boots? A leather jacket is a perfect piece to tie your entire look together and make the leather really pop.

Maybe you want to wear a slimming dress today? No problem. A tailored leather jacket adds an edge to any dress, whether it is short or long. With sandals, mid-ankle boots, or heels, there is almost no wrong way you can wear a leather jacket.

How do you wear leather? Share your fashion tips and ideas with us in the comments!

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