These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Posted by Joanna Godwin on

The title of the song from 'Sound of Music' pops into my head as I sit to write about some of my favorite things. What inspires me the most and is my favorite thing about this business called JoJoSox? It's the people I meet and the stories they share. A mother wrote me that her son has to wear leg braces, and this made people stare at him and avoid him. Once he started wearing our fun, cool designs, our socks became an ice-breaker!  His mom said people began to look past his leg braces, and comment on his uniquely designed, colorful socks. He loved it! He now...

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JoJo's Journey

Posted by Taylor Smith on

            As a young woman currently in the makings of myself, I have come to realize that there are many things in life that I cannot make happen. I often wish for events to turn out a certain way, at a certain time, and under a certain circumstance. However, this is not how life works. As a young believer in Christ, with guidance and leadership from many great influencers, I have found comfort in knowing that many circumstances in life are simply “God things.” If we strip away our cars that make us faster, our machines...

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