Our Story



It all started with a phone call from my mom, known as “JoJo.” When I picked up the phone she said, “I have an idea.” After doing some research, she discovered there simply was not a functional sock on the market designed specifically for short boots. After bouncing around ideas for over two hours, the conversation ended with three words we will never regret: “Let's do it.”

We began researching and working with an innovative US manufacturer to create durable, slip free, eco-friendly socks. Using materials from recycled water bottles, we developed size-specific, performance-based socks for boots. My mom and I worked together closely, adjusting samples until we had it just right. Now we make socks for all heights of boots.

When we received our first order of JoJoSox, my mom simply packed the trunk of her car and hit the road. Our market testing was a huge success, and JoJoSox was well on its way to becoming a business. We put our socks on the feet of both fashionistas and professional athletes, and they loved the combination of fashion and flare with premium performance.

From the beginning, we have been dedicated to performance, functionality, and design. You can now find JoJo Sox in stores around the world. Currently, we are working to expand our product line into a variety of performance-based socks. We firmly believe that the performance of your sock determines the comfort of your boot, and that is why we are dedicated to creating the perfect sock for every sole!

It is with the utmost sincerity that we thank you for your continued support. You have made our dream of making quality products people appreciate come true, and we hope you will continue to follow our development. Cheers to great socks!

Jessica & Joanna Godwin

COOLMAX® EcoMade fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. This innovation has been specially designed to reduce the impact on the environment. With a sophisticated recycling technology, plastic bottles are transformed during a manufacturing process into high-quality polyester yarn that meets EcoMade standards for use in apparel. In addition to the unrivaled performance for absorbency, wicking, durability and abrasion resistance, COOLMAX® demonstrates superior results when tested by athletes.